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Saturday, July 10, 2010

‘Main bas ek housewife hoon’ echoes the protagonist of Tata Tea ad in a dismal tone on being asked by her banker friend about her occupation. This latest ad from Tata Tea compels us to ponder that, is being a house wife a reason to be looked down upon by peers, society and your partner alike? The point which everyone fails to understand is that every woman worldwide is a housewife with the only difference that some take it as a full time job and some take it as a part time job.

To be successful in any job you require to hone your craft but not when you choose to be a home maker as every woman is born with the skill set required to ace in the art of managing home.
Have you actually given a thought how closely the various fields of MBA are related to the day to day activities performed by a ‘typical housewife’.

Over the years our good old 'munims' have been replaced by tie clad professionals to help companies in taking tough financial decisions. These people are constantly engaged in budegeting, forecasting and projecting but the woman in the house are constantly on their toes when it comes to planning for the finance for their household. I agree that it may not require that kind of precision but some of these household lessons like cost cutting can prove to be of great help.

Have you ever wondered why your toothpaste last exactly for a month or why 'she' always has the next one already lined up in a cupboard? 'She' is your home made supply and logistics manager.

On an average a father spends 2 hrs a day with a child which approximately amounts 15300 hrs in a year compared to a stay-at-home mother who spends 613200 hrs in a year.While you are busy raking the moolah she is busy 'branding' your childern with utmost traditions and values so that when they grow up, you swell your chest with pride.

India is a country where domestic help can be easily sought.With the whole line up of drivers, cleaners, cooks, guards etc 'she' is busy managing ' her workforce'. 'She' is solely responsible for employee motivation by applying innovative methods of giving bonuses in cash and kind during festivals.

In this generation 'youngistaan', participation of women in workforce has increased manifolds. These days women have a solution to global crisis but cannot manage a simple crisis at home when their cooks dont turn up for work.It is time we pay respect to our mother/wives alike who chose to take care of their family so that you dont skip morning breakfast yet again!The time is not far when we will have degrees specialising in the art of home making.Its time we pay homage to all the superwomen in our lives.

As someone rightly said:

' A man searches the world to find the things but returns to find it at home.'