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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Globally,each year the big daddy’s of the fashion world gather to forecast the trends of the fashion industry.Sometimes you wonder if these ‘so called’ international trends cater to the needs of the hoi polloi of the society. Do these fad translate into the lives of Vaishali (fictional name)living in one of the rustic towns of the country? This was not a possibility a few years ago but as internet &media have infiltrated our lives, getting fashion tips have become easier.

A decade ago when the bevy of Hollywood beauties were spotted in beautiful and fluid evening gowns we often used to think to ourselves that these are only the forte of the actors or the socialites but ,surprisingly, over the years, these iconic outfits have made their debut in our fashion society circles. This holds true not only for the metros but also for the non metros.Most of the big Indian fashion designers agree that they have seen a surge in demand arising from the relatively smaller towns.For instance the young brides of today want a indo-western or fusion outfits for their engagement/reception ceremony.Apparently,this trend is not new in our country. The Maharajas of India have always been known for their high tastes in fashion.

An Indian woman is no longer satisfied with a churidar/ saree.’She’ has become experimental and is in sync with the international style. This is strengthened from the fact that all the big international fashion fashion houses are now queuing up for shops in India. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger &CK have opened their boutique showrooms in non metro cities thus taking more people in its stride. Well,I guess, everyone wants to put their best foot forward be it a metro girl or small town lass. This is the prime reason that coterie of boutiques/ fashion designers have mushroomed from ‘Patiala to Patna’.

The divide(in terms of wealth) between the small and big towns has narrowed.India has one of the largest pool of billionaires with most of them hailing from the relatively lesser known cities of the country.’They’ are young, smart,swanky and uber cool.’They’ know their fashion and like to flaunt it too.So next time whether you attend an event in Mumbai or Meerut be prepared to experience fashion at its best because global trends truly, have percolated into the realms of the Indian society.