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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Samsung Galaxy Tab 750- My Hero

Did I ever mention that I just love NYC? So, naturally leaving the city always makes my heart heavy. Just when I stepped inside the airport, I was welcomed by the pleasant news of delayed flight. Usually, on hearing flight delays there is a streak of disappointment with most people but with me it gave me more time in my favourite city, so what, if it is only the airport! Just when I settled with a cup of black coffee, and opened my laptop to read the pending mails, I was struck by an epiphany. I accidently packed the data cable USB in my suitcase and as God would have it, the Wi-Fi system of the airport collapsed, leaving me stranded at the airport. As I was trying to grapple with this sudden ‘development’, I got up to dispose off my cup, my phone fell from my lap and literally broke into pieces, basically leaving me ‘communication-less’ for almost five hours. This is the worst nightmare anyone could have in this technological era.

Just when I was contemplating on the fact that why no one has ever thought of converging the two technologies of mobile phone plus laptop flashes the AV ad of the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. It was like, God answered all my woes in a jiffy. As my flight landed, I straight away went to the Samsung store at the airport and checked out the new tab. As I held it in my hands for the first time, I was mesmerised by the brilliant graphic display. Gliding my fingers, the mellifluous responsive touch screen made me ‘feel’ each and every app. The browsing was effortless and data was downloaded within a blink of an eye, thanks to the 3G network, now available in India. This feather weight tablet was ideal for travelling and offered seamless connectivity ‘on the go’. I bought it hands down. With my new arm candy, I was ready to take on the world with aplomb.

Next day at work, I just walked in with my latest tech toy. My boss greeted me with a big smile (though when he smiles, it is an indication of bad news for us) and asked me about my meeting with our ‘phoren’ clients. When I opened my tab to update him with the details, he was surprised and asked me to stop playing around, and show him some serious numbers. I smiled, and handed over the tab to him. At first, he was sceptical but as I gave him a little ‘tour’ of this wonderful tab he got intrigued. In fact, he was so kicked with this lofty gadget, that he called in other colleagues and asked me to make a little presentation about it. Within minutes, I became the star of the office. My colleagues, acquaintances, and others queued up for a special a glance of this new ’superhero’.

Next day, my boss put in the suggestion for giving all the key employees of the company Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 each, with a special note addressed to me, literally making me feel like, Christopher Columbus of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, for my company. Though I might be just one of the odd customers of Samsung but this unmatched gadget has truly made me stand out in the crowd and granted me the status of hero...hmmm heroine, of my company!!!! God hail Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet your new Friend

‘Oh! I want to join this cooking class, but do not have a company.’ ‘You know, I am contemplating of joining gym, but my friend is slightly busy, so maybe next week.’ ‘There is a new dance class nearby, but I feel weird joining alone.’ Do the above statements sound familiar? Then you suffer from ‘I always want company’ syndrome. From our very inception till death, we are always comforted by people. During our growth years, our parents protect us from every problem and by the time we enter the social world, this responsibility shifts on our friends/spouse. Their opinions, their likings, and their approval become so mandatory, that we sometimes lose connection with our inner selves.

Life is a smorgasbord of problems. In turbulent times, we often turn to family, friends, and even foes for advice, ignoring the most honest person, our conscious. Studies reveal that people who talk to themselves are happier than people who do not. I don’t know about these elaborate psychology class experiments, but yes, in my tough times I have verbal, almost high decibel conversations with myself. At times people think I am a complete psycho, but hey, you know what, it is like two mature individuals (heart and mind) talking to each other, trying to reach a consensus. Even though most of the times, it does not solve problems, but this definitely gives me the power to withstand situations. Most of the times, we try finding emotional support in others and forget to look ‘inside’ where the vortex of energy resides. This true friend always gives a signal in the form of intuition, hunch, etc etc. Now that is a separate issue, if you want to hear/consult this friend or not.

Usually, we often look for the ‘right company’ to pursue an activity/trip but somehow, your best friend’s boss, mother, or spouse always spoils the plan. We scout for one perfect weekend, one right day, and one correct time but that one moment never arrives. Sounds familiar!!! So next time around, play your favourite CD, pick a bucket of KFC chicken wings, open up a bottle of Pepsi and take ‘yourself’ for a spin. If someone joins you, good for them, and if someone does not, go ahead and spend some ‘me’ time. Not only it would give you a moment of some serious introspection, but also, make you less dependent on other people’s choices/ mood swings. On this Friendships day, apart from wishing your regular friends, wish yourself first, because your true friend is your inner self.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Defining Success

As a child, I once asked my dad what is the meaning of the word success? He looked at me earnestly, scratched his head, adjusted his spectacles, and replied, ‘When I successfully convince you to get up early in the morning for school, I feel successful.’ I got completely dazed on hearing this strange definition. Nevertheless, I felt maybe, this is what makes my dad happy. As far as I remember, I made it a point to get up from the bed dot at 6 in the morning (with few exceptions). As I grew up, I saw this simple definition getting distorted.

On my graduation day, apart from the usual promises to see each other each year, proud parents exchanging mutual admirations for their zealous kids, I noticed a strange thing. Wrapped in the facade of good wishes, each student was inquisitive to ascertain the pay-package of the other. That made me wonder, why we measure success only in terms of money. This is probably, because our minds are conditioned to measure success only in terms of the ‘moolah.’ Consider a hypothetical situation: In an imaginary world, God allowed you trade between success and love, what would you choose? Most people, I am sure would choose the former, but take a deeper look.

Imagine coming home to empty rooms, banal TV, and over efficient microwave. With no family to fall back upon, no friends to criticize/discuss the latest flick, and no special person to share you happiness/sorrow, life would be so redundant. So, maybe, it is time to broaden the horizon of your definition of success. Sometimes, it is really not all about the crisp currency. I feel successful when my father caresses my hair and proudly introduces me to his friends/colleagues. Success comes to me when my sister calls me up for all her ‘techie’ needs and my mom asks my opinion on all ‘non-household’ chores. I taste success when my friends seek my advice on all matters ranging from brands, brandy and buoyz. I have found my definition of success. What is yours? Find it today before you immerse in the surreal world of power, ego, and status.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Life unplugged: Passion or Profession- A Tough Call I still remem...

Life unplugged: Passion or Profession- A Tough Call
I still remem...
: "Passion or Profession- A Tough Call I still remember the first time when I met Nikhil, then aged sixteen. Clad in baggy jeans, oversized T-..."
Passion or Profession- A Tough Call
I still remember the first time when I met Nikhil, then aged sixteen. Clad in baggy jeans, oversized T-shirt, and heavy metal chain around his neck, one look at him, anybody could have mistaken him for a professional rapper. He swayed the crowd in the party with his choicest selection of music. After the party, I personally congratulated him and enquired about his future plans. With beaming eyes and infectious smile, he responded enthusiastically that he wanted to turn his passion into profession. He wanted to be a Disc Jockey considering his love and fervour for music.
Over the years, I got busy with life and did not get the opportunity to meet him. Few weeks back, when I met him at a common friend’s party, I was surprised to see suave and debonair Investment Banker. The puerile charm and bright dreams got lost in the way. I could not contain my curiosity and asked him about his DJ plans. He just smiled and shrugged that it was a thing of the passé as his passion cannot earn him the big bucks. Interacting with him, I thought to myself that why most of us are unable to turn our passion into profession.
In growing years, you must have nurtured dreams that might have looked bizarre to people. At that point in time you were not scared about the results, salary, and perks. All you want to do was follow your heart and fulfil a dream. People who decide to pursue alternative career paths like chef, photography, internet marketing, and fashion designing often face criticism from family and friends. Parents always advise children to take up safe career options like medicine, engineering, CA. as these professions are considered to safe and secured. This is because the purse-proud society measures success not by the talent but by the wallet.
History stands testimony to the success of people who have followed their hearts. A young boy aged 12 years astonished the Windsor Public Library for reading every science book in the Library. Twelve years later, while in college, he was personally invited by a renowned car making company to develop computer display system for the cars. Just two months to graduation, he decided to quit the degree to start his own company. This NASDAQ listed, Canadian headquartered company, developer of Blackberry, was founded by the maverick Mike Lazaridis.
We often look around success stories and wonder maybe they are born with it, maybe they have the resources but the truth is that these are the people who followed their passion. The great men of the ilk Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Dhirubhai Ambani had one thing in common. They had the conviction and dedication to turn their dreams into reality. It is important to believe in your dreams. Before convincing the world, it is imperative to convince yourself. Most of the people fail to identify their true calling and lose focus midway. Do not shy away from pursuing your passion, even if it takes you away from home, pays peanuts, and offers an ordinary life. This is because the inner satisfaction derived is beyond the monetary compensation.
So, bring out those old dancing shoes, wipe the dust away from that old camera lens, buy canvas to add colour to life, and get that guitar out of the box that has merely become a centre piece in your drawing room. Spend time with your passion, rekindle the lost love, and give your life a new makeover. Life is too short to mull over the lost opportunities. Each day is a new beginning, so start today. Maybe, one day I could find the lost vigour back in Nikhil’s eyes when he decides to pursue his passion of playing music and enthralling people.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Unique Bond

I still remember, the first time, when Shanti entered the threshold of our home. Barely into her teens, timid and fragile, she tightly clutched her maternal uncle’s arm. My mother inspected her and asked few questions about her well being in order to make her comfortable in the new milieu. She coyly answered all the questions. She was asked to leave so that my mother could decide the terms of her employment with her uncle. She went to her designated room to take some rest and recover from the long train journey before starting her new job.
She was our new housemaid. Within few days of taking charge, she took the entire household chores under her belt. She stealthily became an indispensable part of our family. Usually, after finishing her day’s work she came to my room to watch TV. I always encouraged her to resume her studies, which she left halfway due to family’s financial penury but she gave the old lame reasons of excess work, difficulty in coping with studies, and continued watching her favorite soap opera.
Once, while watching tumultuous scene of violence on domestic servant on TV, she innocently told me, ‘Didi, this is so untrue. My aunty ji and uncle ji are just like my mom and dad.’ On that moment, I noticed a twinkle in her eyes. She further told me how she was apprehensive to come and work at our home. Being the eldest daughter, she was forcefully sent by her parents to work so that some financial help could be sought. Well, now she considers herself lucky when she compares her life with that of her sisters back home. She is treated as a celebrity back home among her family members with fine experience of city life.
Now, after spending 12 years in our home, she never wants to leave. Her parents want her to get married but she agrees only on the pretext that she continues to work at our place even after getting hitched. My parents are willing to take care of all the marriage expenses. They are even keen on finding a suitable match for her. After all, she is family. Truly, some relationships are beyond the realms of the society.