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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Krishna Key- Your key to unlock the myths of the world

Religion is the sole belief that unites and divides people. The world has witnessed collisions among people based on different religious pedagogy. The atheists often criticize religion, to be based on myth rather on logic. Ashwin Sanghi gives all the nonbelievers a reason to believe in divinity through his latest book ‘The Krishna Key'.

In his quest to find the beginning of the world and the advent of a plethora of religious beliefs, he begins with the iconic character of Hindu mythology Krishna. The book does not divulge into the adventures of Krishna, instead, focuses on the relationship between science and mythology. For instance, the book establishes that the roots of the famous Pythagorus theorem can be traced to Baudhayana Sulbasutra, which was written, five hundred years before Pythagorus. The Greek name Heracles was influenced by the term Hari, the common expression used for Krishna.

This book is designed for the modern reader who perhaps is not well versed with the mythology. The plot is carefully weaved around the protagonist Saini, a history professor at Delhi University, and his trail to uncover the truth behind the mysterious killings of his historian/ scientist friends Varshney, Bhojaraj, and Cheddi. He is convinced that the killer is psychic Taarak Vakil who thinks himself to be Kalki, the tenth avatar of Vishnu- who is born to end the sufferings of the world in the Kalyug. What he does not know is that his doctoral student, Priya alias Mataji, who claims to be his confidant in uncovering the truth is the mentor of Taarak Vakil and the mastermind behind all the killings. Police inspector Radhika Singh is determined to find the culprit. She joins Saini in his quest to find the truth. Little did she know that love would ensue between her and Saini that will take her to Taj Mahal, the ethereal monument, where all questions will be answered.

The book preaches a crucial lesson- we often look elsewhere to find peace and prosperity, but, it lies within each of us. The book mentions that, 'the philosopher is more important than the stone.’ The idol of the God, made up of stone, does not have power- When thousands of people stand before a stone idol and pray to it, they end up harmonizing their energy and turn it into God. Saini traverses the country to uncover the truth behind the ceramic plate Syamanataka, only to find that every stone is Syamanataka- the one that has magical powers.

The starting of each chapter is marked by Krishna recounting His tales of adventure on Earth and his role as chief strategist during The Mahabharta. It points towards the fact that there is no right and wrong in the world. What is righteousness for one can be wrong for the other. It is interesting to note that the hesitation of Arjuna to fight his kin or Yudishtra’s grief of losing his brothers in war, is apt in the modern world where sometimes one has to employ shrewd tactics to survive.

However, the connection between The Mahabharta and the story appears to be vague. The story is complex, and it sometimes, becomes difficult to keep pace with stunning revelation of the characters. The connection between science and mythology appears to be dysfunctional at times.

If you were always intrigued by mythology and wanted to know the advent of the world, The Krishna Key would serves your purpose. The book is well researched and addresses the allegations often casted on the religion of being illogical. Pick up this book from the shelf as it is the perfect amalgamation of science and religion- it's your key to unlock the myths of the world. 

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